Set Sail With the Maritime Museum at Battleship Cove!


New for 2019!
Explore the RMS TITANIC and the world shaking events leading up to one of the worst maritime tragedies in history in the new exhibit "The Birth and Death of a Titan: the Story of the TITANIC," opening April 1, 2019 at the Maritime Museum in Fall River.

Large photographic panels and artifacts will transport visitors to the ill-fated ship - from her construction to her ultimate demise.
Visitors will walk through her passageways, check out the menu options, and learn about fellow passengers as they explore the 28' TITANIC model featured in the 1953 movie of the same name.

Exhibit is included with general admission

Ahoy Mates!

The Maritime Museum was founded in 1968, is a historical and nautical museum representing the span of sea history, including the famous Fall River Line and RMS Titanic and houses more than 150 scale models, 30,000 photographs, videos, uniforms and a research library (by appointment only).The The Maritime Museum is a vital key in connecting the maritime history of Fall River to the greater story of naval heritage. The main gallery exhibition entitled, Sails, Paddles & Screws: The History of Maritime Travel and Culture showcases the museum's collection to the public in a reinvigorated way through interactives and the latest in museum exhibit design and programming. The exhibit includes three distinct sections: 1.) Sail- which includes such topics as the Age of Exploration, the Portuguese experience, whaling, maritime folktales; 2.) Paddles- The Fall River Line, technological advances in sea travel, minorities and women and the sea; 3.) Screws- Ocean liners, RMS Titanic, United Fruit and other local imports, class and the sea, and warships. Also new for 2018 is "DIVE!" an interactive exploration of reefs and shipwrecks -sponsored by the Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation. The Maritime Museum has spent the last year re-inventing itself with improved lighting, a Kid's Cove learning area and a host of innovative programs.

Your admission ticket is good for both the Maritime Museum and Battleship Cove!

Chart your course with a host of educational and fun programs highlighting the continuing story of maritime heritage. Programs include Common Core aligned educational tours for students, historical lectures, hands on activity days, art classes, maritime themed days, and concerts.

For 2017, the museum will unveil the new exhibit "Closing the Gap: The Role of the Azores during WWII," a sparkling and fresh look to the facade of the building, and a new retail store!

The Maritime Museum at Battleship Cove is an ideal location for your classic New England wedding, function or party. An unforgettable venue for any occasion throughout the year. You are sure to find that every aspect of the museum will create the most gracious and elegant setting to celebrate with your guests!

Amenities include:

  • 225 person capacity standing, or 150 seated
  • Competitive pricing
  • Small galley kitchen. Preferred caterer list available
  • Screen and projector
  • Sound-system
  • Outstanding backdrop
  • On-street parking (off street parking available in a fenced-in lot)availability.