Photography Policy

Photography and video shoots at Battleship Cove must be conducted without disruption to Museum operations or visitors. The images of the ships and collections of Battleship Cove are exclusively the property of Battleship Cove and may not be published, sold, or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes without written approval from the Museum.

Visitors may post images from their visit on personal social media sites, so long as they are not used for profit. Images of objects in the collection are available for commercial and publishing uses through the Museum's Director of Communications.

General Photography

Personal photography is allowed aboard the ships and Newberry Hall. This includes cellphones, handheld cameras and video cameras that are set to take non-flash photos. Flash photography is prohibited in special exhibit areas.

Photo/Video Shoots

Members of the media may photograph or film within approved areas of Battleship Cove for the purpose of news coverage. The photographer should check in at the Museum Store and obtain a press pass. All organized photo shoots inside the Museum require an escort by a member of the marketing or security staff. Call 508-678-1100 to schedule your visit to ensure a staff member is available.

Photo/video shoots that cannot be staffed will be declined. Unscheduled shoots will not be permitted.

Commercial photographers not commissioned by the Museum may not conduct photo/video shoots in the Museum without prior written permission from the Director of Communications. A $400 fee will be charged for a 6 hour use of facilities and staff time. Any overage will result in a $50 per hour fee.

Rights and Reproductions

A copy of all materials must be submitted to Battleship Cove prior to them being produced and distributed for approval. The museum reserves the right to suspend or deny the publication of any photograph or video production it deems inappropriate and not in keeping with the Battleship Cove brand.

All commercial productions using Battleship Cove's likeness must sign the Outside Vendor Contract outlining fees, reporting procedures and general rules. All requests for permission to reproduce an image for publication must be made in writing and include the intended use, the publisher, and expected date of publication. Fees are payable in advance, whether or not the image is used, are one-time only and are non-refundable. Royalties and payment schedule are outlined in the Outside Vendor Contract.

Battleship Cove requires that all outside vendors submit a current copy of full liability insurance and property liability insurance in an amount no less than $1 million combined single limits for the duration of the production.

Production teams must adhere to all policies and procedures of the Museum. Any failure to do so will result in expulsion from the campus.

Filming equipment should be carried safely and securely throughout the Museum to minimize risk to the collections and visitors.

The Museum may photograph or videotape visitors for educational and promotional purposes. Attendance on Museum property is implied consent for the use of visitors' likenesses for marketing purposes.

Battleship Cove staff has the authority to approach and verify the intent of photography, and to enforce the Battleship Cove Photography Policy.

For questions, or to obtain an Outside Vendor Contract, please call 508-678-1100 ext. 134.


All outside companies must submit a Certificate of Insurance naming the USS Massachusetts Memorial Committee, Inc. as additional insured with limits no less than $1,000,000. Please submit the certificate to